Electric Tricycle Buying Guide

What is An Electric Tricycle?

Electric Tricycles are part of the new trend of Tricycles for the past 15 years. These tricycles provide another avenue for Tricycle lovers to expand their love for riding. These three wheel bikes are essentially similar to regular manual trikes except with the integration of an electric motor which is usually attached to the front or back of the frame.  This electric motor is battery operated and thus it will need to be charged. More on that below. The beauty of these these Trikes is however that they can be operated with the electric motor OR manually so you get the best of both worlds. 

How fast can they go? Up to 25 mph! These bad boys can really zoom through the streets if that is something you are up for. 

Important to mention, these type of electric tricycles make up 10% of all Tricycle sales in Europe!

Components of an Electric Tricycle

There are quite a bit of key components of an Electric tricycle that not only make it stand out but that every buyer should know about!

1. Batteries

This is the motherboard of this beast. The battery contains the power to help you propel through your ride. It has typically about 300 to 500 Watts of power. They are usually leightweight so they don't hold you down too much.

Most batteries are lithium ion which is similar to what is in your laptop and other gadgets. These batteries usually last 30+ miles on a single charge. Amazing!

2. Electric motor

As we had previously mentioned, the electric motor is usually located int he front or back of the frame of the bike. 

3. Brakes

These trikes use a  front V-brake and a rear brake expansion brake. These types of brakes help keep the Trike from moving at all times. 

4. Frame

The frame of these three wheeling and dealing bad boys is platinum alloy. Why? So it is lightweight enough to drive at faster speeds and easy to store.

Types of Electric Tricycles

There are two main types of electric trikes:

Pedal-Assist Electric Tricycles and Fully Powered Electric Tricycles

Advantages of an Electric Tricycle

There are many advantages to having an Electric Trike. For those who are cycling fanatics and have tried every type of wheeler they can - the electric trike will definitely satisfy that thirst for more. These type of three wheelers are also perfect for those who are unable to ride long distances as they electric powered motor will help with keeping up. Let's explore further in detail as to why you should own an electric trike.

1. Easy to get around town

For those who commute to work every morning with their trike or bike, an electric powered one will be absolutely perfect for you. This will help ensure  that you do arrive to work refreshed and ready to go. Nothing beats an early morning ride before work. Trikes and bikes are easy to park too - no need to fight over parking. 

2. Exercise

The American Cardiology Association recommends at least 30 mins of exercise per day - you will get that no doubtely with a trike.

3. Ability to do Errands Easily

No more struggling to carry your groceries, an electric trike will make grocery shopping fun!

4. Lifestyle Improvement

5. Environmentally Friendly

An electric trike is environmentally friendly, no emitting harmful gasses into the atmosphere.


Disadvantages of an Electric Tricycle

There are a couple disadvantages to owning an Electric Tricycle which we will discuss below.

1. $$$

Dollar, Dollar Bills. They are quite a bit more expensive than your regular pedal trikes. However, that is because of the extra features you get with an Electric three wheel bike.

2. Maintenance

Electric tricycles are also more expensive to maintain as they require replacement of their parts every so often which can add up. 

3. Repair

Repairing your electric tricycle requires a mechanic who is technically knowledgeable about the components of that trike.