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The Right Gear To Ride An Adult Tricycle

The Right Gear To Ride An Adult Tricycle

A. Correct Colors  To Wear While Riding

Pay special attention to the colors that you wear with your shirt, jacket , pant  or other accessories. It's imperative that you wear apparel that stands out while riding as you want others to be able to identify you on the road - ESPECIALLY at night ! Reflectors can only help you so much but the colors that you wear on the road will be what makes you stand out the most. Colors that I highly recommend are reflective jackets. 

If you can't buy a reflective jacket - get a basic reflective strip that is much cheaper and easy to apply to what you are wearing.

B. Right Clothes For The Weather

The clothes you choose to ride with should be comfortable enough to make sure you aren't hindering when riding or shafting your skin with each pedal. That means wear loose clothing (but not loose enough to get tangled with the bike) such as sweat pants, track pants, shorts, etc.You also want to make sure you wear dry and warm clothing during the winter time and cold autumns.

Choose fabrics that are breathable as well and can wick away your sweat such as track pants. I would also recommend track pants that are dense enough with an insulated layer to keep you warm yet preventing the sweat from building up and making you feel sticky and humid. Stay cool, ride cool!

C. Face Protection When Riding A Tricycle

If you happen to go out when it’s windy - you  should definitely wear googles or a face shield.  This will help prevent anything from flying into your face and impeding your view as you drive.

D. Wear Gloves

Gloves are staples of driving properly in my opinion. They help provide a proper firm grip and prevent slipping of hands off the handlebars. They help keep your warm and dry during terrible weather and give you reassurance when your behind the wheel. They are also helpful in case you fall off your trike and so you can prevent yourself from further harm. 

E. The Right Footwear 

Balance is crucial when riding a Tricycle and thus you need to be having the right footwear. Right footwear includes shoes that help prevent you from slipping and have proper traction / grip. I would recommend shoes such as running shoes.

Never, and I repeat - NEVER ride a Tricycle barefoot. You can seriously hurt yourself not to mention there is high propensity to slip. Also avoid wearing flip-flops or sandals.

F. Extra Protective Gear

Protective gear in this case refers to knee pads and elbow pads. These are accessories that will greatly help you when riding. These pads will help especially in terrible weather in case you fall or trip, this will protect you from further damage. Trust me there is nothing worse than road rash! 

G. Wearing A Helmet!

A helmet is perhaps the most IMPORTANT gear that you can invest in besides your actual tricycle. A helmet saves lives. I can't recall the number of times I have fallen off a bike and have had on a helmet to save me.

1. Things to look for when buying a Helmet

You want a helmet that has proper ventilation. That means you want a helmet that has enough air holes to help circulate air through.  Also look for a helmet that is solid for added protection. 

Helmets with a ASTM or SNELL approval mark help certify excellent helmets. Look for them. Also look for bright helmets.

And, remember to replace your helmet every time it sustains a crack or damage from a crash. 

H. What NOT to Wear When Riding a Trike

1. Avoid Jeans

2. Shoes with Open Laces

3. Dark Apparel 

4. Too Loose Attire

I. Follow Local Rules and Regulations

Here are essential directives that should guide you when you head out on an adult tricycle:

- Obey Traffic Laws
- Share the road with other fellow Trikers
- Allow pedestrians to cross
= Check both sides of the road before crossing 
- Follow Parking Regulations
- Use appropriate hand signals

J. Conclusion 

Protective gear is crucial alongside your brand spanking new Tricycle. Invest in gear that will guarantee you a long and healthy riding career. Don't cheap out on protective gear as that will honestly help save lives in my opinion.