Ultimate Recumbent Tricycle Buying Guide

Why Buy A Recumbent Trike?

Who would have known that recumbent trikes are actually the fastest selling and growing division of the Adult Tricycles! There are quite a few reasons for that if you continue to look below. The biggest is the experience, these trikes deliver on the notion "most bang for the buck".

Advantages of Recumbent Tricycles

Let's get started on the reasons why you SHOULD own a Recumbent trike if you are debating on getting a tricycle in the first place.

1. Comfort

A three wheeler is generally more comfortable as it is however a recumbent trike is actually the most comfortable form of the tricycle. It has an easy learning curve in terms of getting used to it and the seats are by far the most comfortable and adjustable. 

2. Exercise

It's no question that a Tricycle is a great form of exercise in general however for those who are seniors it is even better. Trikes are light on the knees and provide great excitement for those who aren't as active as they used to be.

3. Speed

These trikes are the fastest 3 wheelers. In fact, these 3 wheelers were banned by the Union Cyclist Internationale (UCI). 

Why are they so fast? They are aerodynamically made for you to travel at high speeds due to their low center of gravity.

4. Safety 

I know what you must be thinking - if they are so much faster how are they safer? Well the low center of gravity allows you not to hit the ground head first as if you were on a regular trike if you were to crash. It is also extremely hard to go over the handles thus if you do fall, it will be over a shorter distance hence less injuries

5. Fun

Riding a recumbent tricycle is an entirely different and thrilling experience. Imagine driving at night and being on one and able to look up into the sky in the natural recline seating. Amazing stuff!

Disadvantages of Recumbent Tricycles

1. Price

Recumbents weigh more than the ordinary diamond frame bike or upright trike. The additional weight is due to the heavyweight frames which support lots of pressure. As such they will cost more, but they are faster so no worries there.

2. Difficult to Ride Uphill

Recumbents restrict the user from standing up and charging up a hill. This means you have to spin differently to counter the struggle. It is much harder to go uphill, and it takes longer to get to where you were going.

How To Ride A Recumbent Tricycle Safely

1. Be Visible

You want drivers to pay close attention to you. This calls for wearing bright colored riding clothes in orange, blue, and yellow. Also, fit your trike with recumbent trike flags to draw attention to you. This will help other motorists to see you from a safe distance.

2. Use designated paths and lanes

Bike paths and roads are made to remove the anxiety that comes from riding with other vehicles. You will feel much safer and confident knowing no car is driving too close for comfort.

Furthermore, if you have to share the road, it is important to give yourself some space. Cyclists are entitled to a full lane so don’t shy off and start using the sidewalk. Riding at the center of the road has the advantages of clear visibility by other drivers. Everyone is looking at the middle of the road, so no one will claim they didn’t see you.

3. Follow Traffic Laws

As much as you are on a recumbent trike, the same rules that apply to motorists also apply to you. You are required to stop at STOP signs and light signs, obey the speed limit, ride in the same direction as traffic, and don’t pass vehicles on the right.